Temecula Personal Brand Photography

Hey friends! Temecula Personal Brand Photography is very important to us here at Sharisse Rowan Photography! We try to do our best to take the branding images that our business clients are looking for. Business photography is becoming more and more popular with the growth of social media marketing and a means to grow your personal brand.

Recently, my friend Kelly came to me for a personal brand photography session since she was in need of branding images for her website.  She was looking for a new job, therefore she created a resume website to illustrate her many qualifications and qualities. The branding photography she wanted were images that would tell her story.

Firstly, we went to Old Town Temecula and got some great shots on stairs and in front of businesses. Then, we went to a more scenic place for some shots in nature. Afterwards, we sat down and she picked out her favorites.  After I finished editing her images I delivered them to her in an online gallery for digital download.

She was so excited because her branding images were just what she was looking for!  She was self conscious about a few things, so I made sure we addressed her concerns and I believe we brought out the beauty in her for sure!!  This is what personal brand photography does, it tells your story.  Kelly wanted to tell the story that she is professional, friendly and put together.  We achieved that in these images!!

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