Hey Photographers,

Ready to add branding and headshots to your photography business?

I get it....

Imagine if you could finally...

Fill your schedule even during slow season and reach your income goals while still  working fewer evenings, weekends and holidays?

You don’t have to give up your family/social time to be profitable and have a full schedule! 


So, you've decided to go all in on being a photographer right?


Have I hit the nail on the head? Then I’m so glad you’re here, because you’re definitely in the right place!​

Do any of these sound familiar?

And at the end of the day, all you really want is guidance to create a consistent flow of profitable income year round with a consistent schedule that allows you to be there for your family — you see other photographers living this every single day, and you’re disappointed that that’s not your reality yet.

Believe me when I say I get it… because I’ve been exactly where you are right now.

The thing is, when I started out I wanted the same thing and worked hard for years to make it happen. You don't have to because I've done all the work for you and I'll help you implement it quickly. It won't take years to make it happen, only months.

So I can tell you without a doubt...It's possible to do branding photography without the expense of renting an expensive studio, driving long distances, purchasing expensive equipment and backdrops!  There's a much simpler way to do it!

Your town has dozens of entrepreneurs who need someone like you with few trained branding photographers to do it when compared with other photography niches.

You can either add headshots and branding to the photography sessions to what you are already doing or pivot entirely to brand photography!


Make IPS income without selling a single print!

You can make in the ball park of $150 for every hour you put into on your business!  (20 hours per week x $150 per hour = $12,000 per month)

Add a niche of photography that isn’t saturated and has an open market of potential clients in your area which creates a demand for your services.

Work 1 on 1 with female entrepreneurs like yourself. Your creativity is desired, respected and unleashed!

All of that CAN be your reality thanks to my proven system for adding headshots and branding sessions to your current business or pivot entirely to branding!


The Modern Branding Photography Course

It’s an online course that will show you how to create a studio anywhere you need to go for your client’s session.  You’ll learn how to set up a studio in your home, at their home, at a rented space or outdoors. 

 You will learn to do studio work without backdrop set ups or fancy lighting equipment as well as with minimal backdrops and lighting equipment.  I’ll show you how to create stunning studio images anywhere.  

I’ll show you exactly how I utilize the light available along with some inexpensive studio lights or an on camera flash for indoor sessions.

 I’ll also show you how to edit in backgrounds and backdrops digitally so you don’t have to store a million backdrops and you’ll have way more versatility with colors, textures and background.  Because I know how important it is to have the full picture and not just editing techniques and not just lighting techniques, I’ve included every aspect of running a successful business to fill in all of the gaps to unsure that you see success in your business!

A four month group coaching program that will show you how to set up your studio at your home or on location, pose clients, edit digital backgrounds, market and rank #1 on Google to bring in clients, and provide an overall wonderful client experience that keeps them coming back.

"Sharisse was a huge part in creating my success story as a female entrepreneur."

Sharisse is amazing! My photos are stunning. She really took the time to understand me as a person and my goals for my vision in my business. She was very patient and enthusiastic about making sure that she was creating the vision we had set. I really appreciated her love and care during this special time in my life. Sharisse was a huge part in creating my success story as a female entrepreneur. Thank you so much, Sharisse!

- Bridget Clare, Life Coach

The Modern Branding Photography Course is the missing link that will help you guide you in creating an amazing branding experience for your clients!!

Even if you don’t have fancy equipment, have a perfect studio location, know how to do this kind of photography or understand how to work with branding clients, you’ll have all of the tools, strategies, accountability, AND live support that you need to make your dream a reality.


Here's what we'll cover:


Marianne Nunez-3

Module 1


In module 1 I’ll show you everything I’ve learned and experienced about having a healthy mindset and well thought out goals.  When you have a positive mindset and defined goals, the rest of your journey will be much more likely to happen and you won’t put yourself at risk of self-sabotage with your own negative thinking. I’ll cover:

✔️The morning miracle and how to reap the benefits of it everyday

✔️I’ll show you my simple goal chart method and how it will help you stay on track and positive. 

✔️ You’ll hear from my amazing friend who is a certified life coach. She will talk about “The Model” mindset method and help you utilize it to work through your own destructive thoughts and replace them with success promoting thoughts. 



Module 2

How to Set Up Your Own Studio

In module 2, we are going to deep dive into everything you need to know about setting up your own home branding studio. I’ll show you how to find an area of your home any other space you have to work with and how to utilize natural light and add some studio lighting or a flash depending on the lighting needs of your space. We’ll also cover flooring, digital backdrops and props & furniture.

✔️You’ll have access to a video of my own studio set up design and you can submit your own studio space for review. 

✔️ You’ll have my detailed list of ideas and suggestions for inexpensive props and  furniture for your studio.

✔️ I’ll show you how I balance natural light and studio lighting to get that flattering and  professional look.



Module 3


In module 3, we’ll cover editing digital backgrounds, skin smoothing and weightloss with Photoshop.

Most clients who hire you for headshots and branding will love that you can make them look like the best version of themselves.  Most entrepreneurs are middle aged to older and are very self conscious of having their pictures taken. Having these editing skills will help you provide images your clients will love and tell everyone about you.

✔️You’ll have several editing videos to follow along with that cover, double chins, teeth straightening, bulge reduction, blemish removal and skin smoothing. 

✔️You can submit your own edited images for critique

✔️I’ll give you my own preset that I use in all of my editing!

✔️I’ll give you my own preset that I use in all of my editing!

✔️I’ll show you my easy photoshopping method for replacing backgrounds with any color and any stock image

✔️You’ll get access to my library of background images


Kari Headshots-4

Module 4


In module 4, I’ll show you how I pose and prompt clients during a photo session to produce authentic and appealing images. You’ll see the process I take my clients through before the session to create a blueprint for their photo shoot. Having a plan for your photo session makes it stress free and ensures you’ll get the images your clients are hoping for.

✔️You’ll get to watch me do a zoom meeting with a real branding client!

✔️You’ll get templates for my awesome headshots and branding questionnaires

✔️I’ll give you my session plan google doc to share with your client and use during the photo session

✔️You’ll get access to videos of my doing a branding session and a headshot session


Shelly Headshots-9

Module 5

Marketing to fully book your daytime schedule

In module 5, we’ll deep dive into marketing. I’ll teach you everything and have successfully used to become fully booked.  We’ll cover attracting, finding and booking clients. 

✔️You’ll learn how I rank #1 on Google in my area. 

✔️I’ll show you haw collaborating with other creatives has tripled my bookings!!

✔️You’ll get the template to my high conversion pamphlet that I take everywhere with me. 

✔️You’ll share my templates for what to say on the inquiry phone call to get them booked.

✔️I’ll share my own web page that I walk through with them while on the on the inquiry phone call 

✔️You’ll see me roll play with others(and maybe you if you’d like)  for the phone call and at BNI type groups.



Module 6

How to provide a wonderful client experience at your Home Studio or On Location

In module 6, we’ll cover all the pieces to the puzzle for creating a wonderful client experience that positions them to enroll in your client membership program.


Having  a great client experience is the foundation of bringing in future clients and bringing back past clients.  It will bring you joy as well!

✔️You’ll get email templates for my workflow that builds trust and good communication.

✔️I’ll share with you my proven way to get 5 star reviews over and over.



Module 7

How to price your different session types to make $150 per hour

In module 7, I’ll show you how I do pricing and the equation I use to determine how much to charge for the different kinds of sessions that I offer for headshots and branding. 

My goal is to show you how to make $100-$200+ per hour that you put into your business.  This mindset is different than the ideal client methodology.  I’ll show you why.

✔️You’ll get my worksheets for calculating your time and costs of doing business to determine how much to charge for your sessions to ensure you are getting paid $100-$200 per hour.

✔️I’ll give you my studio schedule and show you how to create a schedule for your studio that works for your family life.  


Sandra reel9

Module 8

Email Marketing

In module 8, We’ll talk about email nurture sequences and how they keep your clients coming or how they help fence sitters to come on board. 

✔️I’ll share my list of ideas on capturing emails from potential and past clients. 

✔️You’ll get my email nurturing sequence with my social media tips

✔️I’ll show you how I use Mailerlite to capture emails and send by-weekly emails to your clients



Module 9 (Bonus Module)


In module 9, we’ll deep dive into memberships and how adding them to your business builds consistent income.

It’s awesome to have clients during the day and coming during slow season and not being overwhelmed during the usual busy season. But, to make things even better I’m going to show you how to ensure you have consistent money coming in every month with memberships!

✔️You’ll learn how I present, price and convert current clients to become my recurring client with a monthly or quarterly membership.

✔️You’ll get me emails templates to present this option

✔️I’ll show you how to bill for this automatically instead of asking for payment every time.

AlL Included:


Several templates, scripts and video tutorials will all be available for everything you need to run this program smoothly.  I even have a free website template ready for you to plug and play!


 Our community group will support you and you’ll a response to your questions within 48 hours. 


Bonus 1

My 3 part formula for ranking #1 on Google ($750)

Rake in the inquiries by being #1 on Google Search in your area!

Bonus 2


My pamphlet is designed to truly impress your potential clients! They are perfect for business networking meetings and passing along to local entrepreneurs!

Bonus 3


This will help calm your nerves on phone calls and ensure that they get booked into your calendar!

Hey, I’m Sharisse Rowan!

I used to be in your shoes... I was trying to make a good income doing IPS with families, seniors and any other session I could book. I was discouraged and fearful. But, after many years of hard work and diligence I reached that goal but found that I was missing out on time with my family because I was busy on evenings and weekends. I finally reached one goal but fell short of having a good work life balance.
I decided to put a majority of my time into branding session where I could work on photography during the day while my kids were at school so I could have more time with them after school and on the weekends.
It then became obvious to me that I was consistently booked year round because I have plenty of headshots and branding clients during the months that are typically slow for other niches. I read many sad stories in Facebook groups about photographers not booking enough sessions. I then realized I have something important to share that is a game changer. I've been able to make more money than when I solely focused on IPS, while maintaining a nice work/life balance
I figured out a simple set up that I could use at home and anywhere I need to go for branding clients. I use digital editing for backdrops instead of buying a whole lot of background paper.
I’ve taken everything that I learned on my journey and put it into The Modern Branding Photography Course because it’s exactly what I wish I had when I was navigating my way through creating a studio and a consistent daytime photography business.
It’s my mission to help photographers skip the time and energy drain by simply focusing on what works. I don't just want to hand you info that you can impliment on your own, I want to be there for you helping you on the journey when you hit a road block!
The Modern Branding Photography course would have saved me SO MUCH time missing out on soccer games and so much energy figuring out what works. I can’t wait for it to save you time and energy!

A $3000 value all for only $245 per month for 4 months or a 1 time payment of $900

The Ideal System for Headshots and Branding Sessions

It’s an online course for photographers that are ready to consistently fill their schedule with headshots and branding sessions at their home or any indoor or outdoor location. 

  It’s time to go beyond the JCPenney type photo studio norms and bring out the Modern Branding Photography!! 


On the other side of my proven system for setting up a thriving branding studio at home or anywhere that suits the needs of your branding client, you’ll experience results like these:

✔️You’ll have methods and advice to help you maintain a healthy mindset. This will help you avoid self-sabotage so you can reach your full potential as a photographer!

✔️You’ll be ready to wow your clients so they will respect you as a brand photographer, they’ll love their images and spread the word about you!

✔️You’ll be able to set up your “studio” at many locations as well as your own home

✔️You’ll be ready to edit with digital backgrounds that take your images to the next level so you can stand out from other photographers!

✔️You’ll know all the right poses and ways to instruct your clients through the photo session without any more stress and your clients will feel more comfortable!

✔️You’ll have plug and play scripts and templates for creating a wonderful client experience that will give you rave reviews and bring your clients back again and again. 

✔️You’ll know how to price your different sessions so that you are sure to make anywhere from $225 for a 10 minute headshot session to a $2000 branding session. The goal is to earn $150 for every hour that you put into your business.

✔️You’ll have an email sequence and newsletters ready to keep your past clients on board and potential clients prepped to book with you and ready to jump off the fence.

✔️You’ll have the tools you need to enroll your favorite clients in your membership program filling your schedule with clients who love you.  This will create a dependable base income that creates income stability.

The cost is Only $1100, but if you enroll by February 15th you'll save $200 for a total of $900!


Here’s Everything You Get Access To

  • 9 program modules with a library of lessons
  • Lifetime access to all recordings and materials
  • Workbooks, plug and play templates, scripts etc
  • Facebook support Monday-Friday

Enrollment special Until January 15th only:

You get $200 off the price of the course if you enroll by the enrollment deadline. Secure your spot today and save $200 and get 3 amazing bonuses!!

Now you’ve got two choices:

ONE: Close this page and keep doing what you’ve been doing... having few sessions in January to April and continue to figure it out on your own with no guidance.

TWO: Apply for  The Modern Branding Photography Course and take the first giant step towards having a unique business niche that brings you high paying bookings year round, work less nights and weekends and get all the guidance and accountability that you need to get to where you want to go. 

You know which option I’m voting for.


In 2 months, you could have your versatile home or on location studio set up and ready for your first headshot which means more time freedom and more income.

In 2 months, you could already be making more money and you'll be filled with confidence and hope for a better work life balance and more income.

By next year, you could be fully booked January, February, March and all year long because you are so skilled and confident in your new home studio adding several thousand more per month to your income!

But that’s ONLY IF you choose option 2 and get The Modern Branding Photography Course and all of the tools, strategies, accountability, AND support that you need to make your dreams a reality.

Q: What if I don’t get everything done this year?

A: You’ll have lifetime access to the contents of the course.

Q: What happens after I sign up?

A: As soon as you enroll in The Modern Branding Studio, you’ll have access to the 9 modules packed with course content. You’ll receive emails from me with the link for you to enter the course portal and create your own username and password. 

Q: I’m not really great with techy stuff. Will this still work for me?

A: You will love my easy step-by-step tutorials then!  In these lessons and tutorials I’ll explain to you exactly how I do everything!

Q: I’ve taken online courses before and I never finish them. How will this be different?

A: You have a lifetime access so you can finish them whenever you’d like. The content in this course works and build as you go, so the momentum will help you stay motivated to finish the course. 

If you’re all the way at the bottom of this page, it means you’re having a hard time deciding whether or not The Personal Branding Photography Course is right for you. Here’s exactly how to know:

The Modern Branding Photography Course is for you if:

The Modern Branding Photography Course is not for you if: